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Soma Uplifting Roller
Unique & Natural

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Soma Uplifting Roller is light and easy to use anywhere and anytime, even over makeup- without messing it up!

Before use: Soma Uplifting Roller is recommended to be used on clean and healthy skin daily before applying oil-based products. The treatment method is an easy 'Press-Roll-Release' technique and works best when the skin is oil-free.

Rolling takes only three minutes and your facial complexion is improved.

Check out the ‘Press-Roll-Release’ technique video and written instructions of the Soma Uplifting Roller.


Soma Uplifting Roller is a wonderful gift idea!





Soma Uplifting Roller is a unique treatment tool developed from ingredients derived from the Silver Birch tree growing in Northern Arctic forests and it is elegantly designed to improve and refresh your daily facial skin care. The Roller is treated with linseed oil with a touch of rare essential birch bark oil.

Benefits of using Soma Uplifting Roller:

  • Improves circulation of the skin, invigorates blood flow and activates healthy skin cell activity for a youthful appearance.

  • It relaxes tense muscles and lifts the facial fascia.

  • It will leave the face feeling relaxed and fresh.

  • It is also perfectly suited for wellness professionals as a complement services.

Beautiful Design of Finland

Soma Uplifting Roller is a Registered Community
Design No. 009062011-0001


  • For external use only

  • Cleanse with an alcohol-free detergent

  • Keep out of reach of children

  • 100% Natural and recyclable

  • Easy to use

  • Unisex

  • Can be applied on make up

  • Handmade and unique

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Beauty & Wellness Professionals

Are you interested in adding Soma Uplifting Massage and Roller into your service curriculum?

Instructions for use

Rollering is done on half of the face at a time. Moving from the center of the face towards the sides. The roller is not supposed to move on the skin, but to shift the skin and muscle underneath. Keep the Roller in motion. One Roller movement takes about 2 seconds. The movements are repeated three times.


1.  Take a firm grip on the handle of the Roller.


2.  Place the larger end of the Roller in the middle of the forehead above the eyebrow.

Rotate the Roller from the bottom up as much as the skin and muscle underneath it allow.

Release the Roller and continue with the Press-Roll-Release movement across the entire forehead area towards the sides of the face.

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3. Roller the cheek area in three parts, starting from the top of the cheekbones, moving towards the sides of the face. Next, start from the corner of the mouth and lastly from the middle of the chin.


4. Roller the neck area, moving aside the neck, avoiding the trachea area.


5. Repeat the same movements on the other side of the face, starting from the forehead and again moving down towards the neck.


6. Using the smaller end of the Soma Uplifting Roller repeat the equivalent movements and
repetitions- going through the areas around the eyes and lips, moving from the center of the face towards the sides.


7. Finally, take the bigger end of the Roller, gently placing it on the center of the forehead, and take a few deep breaths.

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8. Thank yourself for this moment and enjoy your day.

You're Welcome.

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