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Soma Uplifting Cards


Raise the state of being

The cards give the user an uplifted state of being, while increasing feeling of joy, lightness, and presence.

All 44 cards in the deck glow in wonderful different colours.

The cards are suitable for use both alone and together with friends or with your partner.

The cards can also be combined with well-being treatments and services by professionals to boost your mood through creativity.

Lift your mood

The Soma Uplifting Card Deck has a total of 44 mood-lifting cards: 12 Easy Presence Practice cards, 20 Message cards, and 12 Power word cards.

The messages on the cards are accompanied by symbolic patterns and wonderfully glowing colours.

Soma Uplifting cards are suitable for both private and professional use. They will get you good state of being.

Soma Uplifting Cards are a wonderful gift idea!


Uplift your mood

The cards are clear and easy to use and provide quick relief from everyday stress. Get your Soma Uplifting Cards today

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