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Soma Uplifting Facial Massage


Facial and Mood Boost

Once in a while, we need a facial and mood boost. Soma Uplifting Facial Massage done by trained professionals do just those things!

Soma Uplifting Facial Massage can also be used as a single treatment, even over makeup. 


Soma Uplifting Facial Massage is a popular treatment at salons, parties, fairs or as a quick pick-me-up in the midst of everyday life.

Soma Uplifting  Facial Massage is suitable for both women and men. Soma Uplifting Facial Massage was originally released in January 2015. Today, it has gained great popularity as a technique amongst beauty and health care professionals.

Soma Uplifting Facial Massage lifts and firms the face, softens and brightens the skin and offers a comprehensive well-being experience by strengthening the mind and body.

Soma Uplifting Benefits

A healthy face needs muscle maintenance. There
are more than 50 muscles in the facial and neck area.


The ongoing busy rhythm of life also increases tension of muscles in the face, neck and shoulders.

When the circulation of lipids, blood, oxygen, and nutrients are blocked, stiffness of the facial muscles can occur and tightness of the skin increases.



With the effective Soma Uplifting Facial Massage done by a trained professional, the head, face, neck, chest area are stimulated with firm circular finger rotation movements and finger presses.

It also increases the elasticity of the facial muscle tissues reviving cellular activity leaving an uplifted relaxed and natural smile on your face.

Find the nearest Soma Uplifting masseur

Find the nearest trained
Soma Uplifting facial masseur below and book your appointment.

Training for Beauty & Wellness Professionals

Are you interested in Soma Uplifting Facial Massage training?

We arrange courses in Helsinki, Porvoo, -Finland.

Also internationally.

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