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About Soma Uplifting


Inspired by natural well-being services

Soma Uplifting concept was born from a additive-free face and mood-lifting massage technique developed by Finlands SKY- eco-cosmetologist, trainer and importer Satu Aamu.


She has educated professionals for nearly 20 years and worked in the field of  beauty care since 1999.


Satu Aamu is specialized in Uplifting treatments, massages, and natural well-being products and services.

Soma Uplifting Facial Massage

Soma Uplifting Facial Massage was released in 2015.


It has since gained a great deal of popularity as an add-on treatment by many wellness professionals.


Soma Uplifting manual facial massage is done by a trained professional.


The additive free massage can be massaged even over make-up.


It lifts up the facial complexion and mood leaving a smile on your face.


Everyone needs a facial and mood lift, and Soma Uplifting performs these things!

Soma Uplifting Cards

The Soma Uplifting concept was expanded in 2021, with its release of Soma Uplifting Cards.


The card deck contains a total of 44 unique, wonderfully colourful, easy-to-use presence practices, uplifting messages, and power word cards.


Soma Uplifting Cards are suitable for both personal and professional use. 

Soma Uplifting Roller

In 2023, Soma Uplifting Roller, a additive-free natural self-care tool that lifts both the face and mood, was released.


The Soma Uplifting Roller is a natural treatment tool developed from Silver Birch of Northern Arctic forests to improve and refresh your daily facial skin care.


Its individual surface is treated with nourishing linseed oil and a touch of rare essential silver birch tree bark oil.

Soma Uplifting Roller is suitable for all consumers as well as wellness professionals.


It Uplifts the face and mood.

Soma Uplifting Concept is a Beautiful Creation of Finland

Soma Uplifting in media

Soma Uplifting is featured in various newspapers, magazines and multiple media networks. 

View various articles HERE.

Buy Online

Soma Uplifting Products & Services can be purchased Online Internationally.

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