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Uplifting Yourself

Soma Uplifting is a Nordic company from Finland. We offer 100 % natural, handmade, additive-free face and wellbeing services and educations.

Also products for both professionals and consumers .
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Energy for life

The ancient word Soma means the energy, the elixir of life, the mystical flower that Soma Uplifting services and products activates. The Soma flower shines symbolically within each of us with its petals open to the joy of life and gratitude. Let's let our beauty and well-being shine!

Products & Services

Soma Uplifting Roller

Just three minutes and your facial complexion is improved.

Soma Uplifting
Facial Massage

Soma Uplifting Facial Massage done by trained Professionals Uplifts and firms the facial complexion, softens and brightens the skin.

Soma Uplifting Cards

Cards that give the user an uplifted state of being, while increasing feeling of joy, lightness, and presence.


Soma Uplifting Concept Benefits

Relieves facial muscle tension

and mental tension

Strengthens and Firms facial muscles

Brightens the complexion and makes it healthier

Relieves persistent headaches

Reduces swelling in the treated areas

Improves youthful skin

Relaxes tightness of the scalp.

Promotes muscle elasticity and cellular recovery in treated areas

Visibly reduces signs of stress and ageing

Strengthens elasticity and energizes the skin, mind and body

Lifts the face and improves mood

Leaves a bright smile on your face

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Buy Online

Soma Uplifting Products & Services can be purchased Online, Internationally.

Find the nearest masseur

Find the nearest trained
Soma Uplifting masseur below.

Training for Professionals

Are you interested
in Soma Uplifting massage training?
We arrange courses in Helsinki, Porvoo, Finland and Internationally.

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